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New Mexico Community Involvement

When you stay at Eldorado Hotel & Spa, you make a difference in the community. Eldorado Hotel & Spa supports artistic ventures by featuring design, decor and cuisine created by members of our New Mexico community.

Our support includes hospitality community programs, cultural programs and event and various organizations, non-profits and scholarships programs

As part of this tradition of cultural preservation and support, we donated a portion of every room night's revenue to the Spanish Colonial Arts Society. This registered non-profit organization is on a mission to collect, preserve and display Spanish Colonial art of New Mexico and more, as well as educate the public about its related cultures and living traditions.

About the Spanish Colonial Arts Society

Writer Mary Austin and artist/writer Frank G. Applegate founded the Spanish Colonial Arts Society (SCAS) in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1925. The organization was created to preserve and showcase the Hispano art forms that have been produced in New Mexico and southern Colorado, since the region was colonized by Spain in 1598. Educating the public through art forms from Spanish colonies.

More than 90 years later, the organization has fulfilled its mission and continues to grow in its endeavors. The SCAS is now a leader in the public education of traditional Spanish Colonial art and culture through sponsorship of Spanish Colonial art and collections at the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art and a range of educational outreach programs.  

The SCAS hosts 3 world class “Spanish Market” exhibitions and events in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Las Cruces in conjunction with Heritage Hotels & Resorts. 

The Future in New Mexico's Community

We at Eldorado Hotel & Spa and Heritage Hotels & Resorts believe the preservation of our unique New Mexican cultural heritage is important not only now but for future generations. We share our inspiring traditions to enchant new visitors and old friends. New Mexico community involvement is important, so thank you for helping us make a difference.

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