Unique Artwork Throughout the Hotel
Walk into Eldorado Hotel & Spa and you’ll enter an age-old story of discovery. For centuries men have searched for the legendary city known as Eldorado - the City of Gold.

Promise of the fame, glory and, of course, treasure enticed thousands to search South American and Central America for this lost city. Its allure inspired literary geniuses to pen tales, poems and sagas about the city and the bold adventurers.

After conquest of the Incas of Peru and the Aztecs of Mexico, Spanish conquistadors set their sights on New Mexico, after learning about the fabled seven cities of gold that lay further ahead. In January 1540 Vasquez de Coronado set out from Mexico to find the fabled cities of gold. Despite their failure to find any cities of gold, history has shown this expedition to have been a journey of epic proportions. In little more than two years, Coronado and his men explored much of the Southwestern United States and visited all the major Indian villages in the region.
Eldorado Hotel & Spa Lobby Historic Santa Fe
Our unique Santa Fe hotel and spa shares the story of Eldorado with a modern twist. In our historic Santa Fe hotel, the thrill of discovery is met with true reward.

The legendary AAA Four Diamond Eldorado Hotel & Spa celebrates centuries of tradition and culture in a bold new expression of design and creativity. Here, luxury truly is found around every corner in the form of New Mexico art, New Mexico artifacts and details not to be overlooked. We're working to enhance this true New Mexican experience with updates to our guest rooms, New Grand Ballroom and the addition of a non-denominational Santa Fe wedding chapel.

Our open welcoming lobby entices visitors to enjoy themselves while experiencing expertly-crafted works of art and enjoying the latest culinary creations.
Custom Designed Chandelier
We're working with local business, Taycar Enterprises of Albuquerque, on a few hotel enhancement projects. Pictured is one of our custom designed chandeliers, which hangs in our new Eldorado Grand Ballroom!

The frame of the chandelier is aluminum covered with lexan. The brass squares cover the lexan and frame giving it its unique design.
Inviting Sitting Areas
Our Santa Fe accommodations yield spectacular city views and the finest amenities. Our meeting spaces and party spaces leave nothing to be desired. And our forthcoming non-denominational Santa Fe chapel and wedding party areas will give provide couples a unique and stunning wedding day.

Our luxury hotel in Santa Fe celebrates New Mexico culture and history with New Mexico artifacts on display. Prominent in the collection is the beautiful Zia Olla, Eldorado’s symbol of hospitality. This finely crafted piece of New Mexico art was created in the 1920’s by Trinidad Medina, the most widely known Zia potter of her time. Sponsored by trader Wick Miller, she toured the United States from 1930 to 1946, demonstrating her craft at department stores and national exhibitions including the World’s Fair in Chicago.

This piece speaks to the long and beautiful history of Zia Pueblo. Before 1900, Zia pottery exhibited intricate and magnificent designs. Following the turn of the century, more simple decorations, including the Zia Bird and floral designs, were used. Zia Pueblo is also known for the geometric designs of its pottery, including the sun symbol that appears on New Mexico’s state flag.
Gilded Gold Floor Candelabras
The pueblo itself is located southwest of Santa Fe and north of Albuquerque. Sitting atop a rocky knoll, the pueblo blends into the landscape as if it was a feature of the natural terrain. Its people have survived more than 600 years of hardship brought by nature and by man. During the Pueblo Revolt, 600 people were killed, with later conflicts further decreasing its population.

Today, its people speak the traditional language, Keresan, as well as Spanish, Navajo and English. The pueblo is a small community of agriculture workers and livestock raisers. Its people continue to have a strong sense of identity and continue to produce beautiful pieces of traditional art.