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In America's most unique city, discover a mystical Santa Fe Day Spa that lives up to its name. Nidah is the Native American word for your life, and Nidah enriches your life with a journey that changes every time you explore it. Celebrate the spa journey of your life at Nidah.
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Oil Massage It's Nice to be Kneaded

Play Hard, Spa Harder In July!

Honey Oat Yogurt Wrap & Honey Magnolia Oil Massage
80-minutes. Regular price $180, your price $170.
This wrap includes a dry brush treatment to stimulate circulation followed by a succulent Honey Oat Yogurt Mask. This will quench your skins thirst and instantly soothe and soften skin. We finish off with a Honey Magnolia Oil massage leaving your skin silky smooth.

Whipped Honey Salt Scrub
25-minutes. Regular Price $80, sale price $70.
Our fine grain sea salt scrub smells heavenly! Hints of honey and cinnamon leaves skin silky smooth.

Lavender Hibiscus Honey Oat Magnolia Lower Leg Revitalizer
45-minutes. $65.
Deep Exfoliation from knees to toes with our Whipped Honey Salt Scrub. We then cover you in a Honey Oat Yogurt Mask and then massage with a Honey Magnolia Oil. Relieves tired and achy calves and feet. You will leave feeling refreshed!
Relax, Renew, Revive.
Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment
30-minutes. $30.
We use Moroccan Oil’s Intense Hydrating Mask to give the hair deep hydration to improve texture, elasticity and shine. Includes a scalp massage to make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating Facial
50-minutes. $135.
This facial will keep your skin radiant. It targets aging, hyperpigmentation as well as sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin. Transformation begins with an active exfoliation followed by a neutralizing peel that works in harmony with our exclusive Peptide Radiance Cream to reveal your skin's true luminosity.