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In America's most unique city, discover a mystical Santa Fe Day Spa that lives up to its name. Nidah is the Native American word for your life, and Nidah enriches your life with a journey that changes every time you explore it. Celebrate the spa journey of your life at Nidah.
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Valentine's Day Specials | 30th Anniversary Specials

Valentine's Day Specials

Valid February 12th - 14th

Couple's Massage

$225 per couple
50 Minute Swedish Massage 

Couple's Wrap

$325 per couple
80 Minute Campfire Chocolate Wrap with a Marshmallow Massage

$55 per person
Toasted Coconut Hot Chocolate Lower Leg Revitalizer

Eldorado Hotel & Spa's 30th Anniversary Nidah Spa Special

Spun Gold Massage - $150 per person
Our Spun Gold Massage begins with a lymphatic dry brushing to exfoliate and increase circulation. Hot Stones are used for a layout on the back and also are used for legs and arms. Once stones are removed a Swedish Massage is done on the whole body to relax. Chakra stones are placed with intention on the heart/stomach/ throat and forehead. 24kt gold infused oil is used for the décolleté/ shoulders and arms in a sweep to finish.
A Tranquil Experience

Peace. Rejuvenation. Relaxation.

Look good and feel better at Nidah! With professional, soothing therapy in a tranquil setting, you'll feel wondrous in no time. Unwind and revive, we've got your back!

Campfire Chocolate Wrap With A Marshmallow Melt Massage

80-minutes. This softening wrap begins with a dry brush treatment to stimulate circulation. The body is then smothered with a soothing, dark chocolate mask, filled with anti-aging CoQ10 enzymes, leaves the skin caressed and ultra-smooth. Afterwards, luxuriate with a 25-minute all-natural marshmallow scented rich butter blended massage. This will leave you irresistibly soft and ready for a warm toasty campfire. Regular price $180, your price $170.

Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub

25-minutes. Start your day off with a scrumptious, caramel-latte sugar scrub. This rich whip exfoliator is infused with caffeine and Arabica bean extract that leaves the skin polished smooth with a healthy glow. A real pick me up! Regular Price $80 Sale price $70.
Just The Right Touch

Toasted Coconut Hot Chocolate Lower Leg Revitalizer

45-minutes. After a day of shopping the plaza, soak your tired feet in a creamy milk bath of coconut milk and chicory root. Afterwards, your beautiful feet and legs will savor a deep exfoliation with our Sweet Cream salt scrub. We then apply a dark chocolate mask, rich in CoQ10, providing antioxidants and nourishment to your skin. We finish with a shea and cocoa butter massage with a sweet note of coconut that lingers on long after you leave. $65.00

Book an Express Pedicure to get your nails clip, file and painted to complete your feet! 30 minutes, $55
Winter Wellness

Gingerbread Man Seasonal Signature Pedicure

50-minutes. Soothe and soak your feet in a Butter Brûlée Milk bath designed to infuse and hydrate winter skin. Next, those lovely tootsies will be exfoliated with a Bourbon Bubbler Sugar Scrub and the heels treated with a warm Honey Heel Glaze moisture serum. Afterwards, your feet will be expertly massaged with our warm, spicy Backcountry Caramel Body Milk Lotion, nourishing and softening the skin. This satisfying pedicure includes clip, file and polish for your toes. $80.00
It's All About You

Holiday Hair Specials

$10.00 off all Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Haircuts.
Women’s Haircut - regular price $80 | Men’s Haircut - regular price $50.00 | Children’s Haircut - regular price $45